See Why Computers Start Running Slower

A computer that runs very slow is a result of different issues. We will learn few of the most common causes of a slow-running computer and the various ways to solve this problem.

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Running Many Programs

Your computer can possibly run so slow because of the many programs you have installed in the hard drive. The system of your computer most likely begins to slow down because of the numerous programs running in the background. There is also a tendency that your computer starts to function slowly because of the many opened windows you are using at the same time. To remedy this, you have to turn off these programs as soon as possible. Otherwise, your computer will crash more frequently causing your lots of stressed hours.

Bad and Corrupted Registry Entries

Another cause of a slow-running computer is due to the errors found in the computer registry. Sometimes we forget to clean up our computer register so most of the time registry entries get corrupted. If there are many registry entries that get messy, a computer likely slows down. To fix this issue, you have to use a registry cleaner to properly clean up you computer registry. The registry cleaner is a program that diagnoses all corrupted registry entries and helps you the proper software to fix those bad registry entries.

Spyware and Viruses

The number one enemy of a computer are spyware, malware and adware. Different viruses can potentially harm your computer. One sign that your computer has been affected by a spyware or virus is when it begins to slow down and crashes all the time. It doesn’t only give you a horrible day but a very bad headache.

Spyware, malware and adware can eat and wipe away almost the entire resources and entries of your computer system. Any dreadful virus can provide you corrupted files. The worst is that your computer may be possibly hacked which allows another user to control and navigate your computer. Therefore, it is very important to address this issue immediately.

How To Fix a Slow Computer

Once your computer slows down and you start seeing strange symptoms, please go ahead and scan your computer with a reliable spyware remover software. There are several free spyware removers available on Internet.

Then you need to scan your computer’s registry as this is the main reason behind your slow computer. Over the time, the registry gets clogged with entries which are no longer in use and you need a registry cleaner software to remove those entries. Once the registry is clean and compact, you’ll see that your computer is running very fast now and the time it takes to process the commands have reduced significantly.

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