When your computer is broken and you need it fixed FAST, we're the guys you want to call.

If you're in Springfield, we'll pickup, repair, and deliver your desktop computer. All within 72 hours or less!

Desktop Repair Services

Things we fix every day include:


When we’re done, you can get right back to doing all the important things you need to do without the hassle of having to figure out where everything is again.

Sure, it takes a little longer for us to do it this way but in the end, our customers are much happier.


With everyday use of your computer the junk, funk, and gunk will build up and your computer performance will start to suffer.

We will clean the buildup, then optimize your computer for the best overall performance for everyday use.

We will also make sure you have the latest Windows updates, security updates and device drivers.


Hard drives are the most likely component in a computer to fail, especially conventional hard disk drives, which contain many moving parts and are in constant use.

If you can no longer boot your computer, notice it’s freezing often, or is taking forever to do simple tasks, then our Hard Drive Repair solution may be for you.


When your computer is acting strange, won’t boot up, popping up errors, and you’re ready to chuck it out the window, that’s where we come in.

Within 72 hours or less we can diagnose, repair, and deliver your computer back to you.

When we’re done, your desktop will be running like new again!


Inside your computer are many different parts that all come together to make the computer do what it does.

From the CPU, to the Power Supply, to the Video Card, when one of these things fails, the whole system can crash and burn.

We can determine which part has failed, replace it, and get you back up and running in no time.


Upgrading your computer is a simple way to add a few more years of life without having to buy a new one.

We can upgrade your CPU, RAM, Video Card or if you really want to make your computer fast, we can install a Solid State Drive and make your computer faster than it was when it was new!

Desktop Repair Like It Should Be

At Springfield PC PROS we know how important your computer is to your everyday life and when it’s broken, you need it fixed as quickly as possible …we can make that happen!

We specialize in Desktop Repair and can fix almost any problem with your desktop whether it is a bad hard drive, a power supply that started smoking or you caught a nasty virus. We have the knowledge, the skills, and the expertise to perform quick and professional repairs on all makes and models of desktop computers including Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Alienware, and more. Our Desktop Computer service rates are some of the most competitive rates in the market.

Why take your desktop somewhere when we can pick it up for FREE?
Our client base includes residential customers, business customers, and college students. When your desktop is broken and you don’t have time to wait a week for the other guy to get it fixed. Give us a call. Super fast repairs, flat rate pricing, and free pickup/delivery. Why go with someone else?

Drury University or Missouri State student? Show us your ID Card and save 10% on your repair!

Flat-rate pricing, fast turn around times, and free pickup and delivery. Contact Us Now!


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Service Area

Springfield PC PROS is a mobile computer repair company. We come to you. We serve the residents of Springfield, MO and surrounding communities. Give us a call or shoot a message and we’ll be more than happy to talk about your IT needs.

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