Custom Built PC

Ordering custom built computers might seem very complicated. There are various parts that need to be requested, a custom specification developed and for many people, it just seems much easier to buy a pre-built computer. In reality, buying custom built computers is actually surprisingly simple and can save you money!

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The problem with the many pre-built computers being sold in larger stores is that the quality of the parts are poor, there is very little customization, and the computers are sold at heavily inflated prices. We work with custom computer builds because we believe that every customer needs a specially built computer specific to their purposes.

When you buy a custom built computer from us, you can be sure that each aspect of the design is carefully adapted to your request and that the custom computer build is in the hands of specialists who know every detail of the specification.

Unique computer builds for every customer

Whether it is for general purpose, office work, gaming, creative design or programming, every custom built computer is different. A gaming computer or a build with creative design in mind will need more processing power and a more sophisticated graphics card to run the relevant programs or applications. A computer geared more towards office work, however, may need powerful wifi connectivity and a reliably responsive machine for working with important documents. Whatever your reason for ordering custom computer builds from us, we can ensure that the final product will cater specifically to your purposes. Read on for a brief overview of how we assemble your custom built computer. You will be surprised at how simple it is!

It starts with the case

Choosing a case is a careful balancing act between finding a case large enough to house the components inside but small enough to fit comfortably in its physical environment.

Cases come in a wide variety of colors and designs, with spaces for additional cards and cooling fans. We can recommend a few options before narrowing them down once the rest of the computer’s components have been chosen.

The motherboard and the processor

You can think of the processor as the brain of the computer and the motherboard as the central nervous system. You may have heard of different processor clock speeds and numbers of cores. In essence, the more sophisticated the processor, the more complex the tasks the computer can fulfill.

If you need more applications running at the same time, you need more cores. If you need a particular task done faster, you need a higher clock speed. Motherboards, to put it simply, are a trade off between the number of components that can be attached and the size of the motherboard itself. This is why only custom computer builds with a carefully selected processor and motherboard can truly adapt a specification to your specific purposes.

The graphics card

It is recommended that every computer has a high quality graphics card. Yet how sophisticated a graphics card largely depends on what tasks you hope to complete with your custom built computers.

Gamers and those working in creative design need to pay particular attention here, as a computer designed for these purposes will need a recently manufactured graphics card to run the latest software and applications.

Graphics cards are also a consideration if you hope to watch videos and movies on your computer. Only the best hardware can play videos and movies at the highest definitions.

Random access memory

Although the processor and the graphics card help improve the speed of your custom built computers, high speeds require a sufficient amount of random access memory.

Random access memory is a matter of both quantity and quality. It is sold in different types and different amounts, and each motherboard handles random access memory differently.

Feel free to ask our friendly staff what amount and type of random access memory is recommended for your purposes.

Hard disk drive or solid state drive?

Your custom built computers need places to store saved documents, programs and applications. You will likely have noticed that hard drives are sold with different capacities, but another important consideration is the type of memory your custom built computers have.

The power supply unit

All custom built computers need a high quality power supply unit. As the name suggests, it is where the computer’s components receive their electrical power from.

As this is the point within the build where electricity enters the computer, it is important that safety is considered and that there is a mechanism where power can be universally switched off. You also need to be aware of the amount of power you need. Our specialists can help you calculate this so that you make the right choice.

Keeping the computer cool

Now that you have your main components set up, you need to consider how you are going to keep your custom built computer cool. High temperatures can cause components to fail and your computer to shutdown unexpectedly.

This is why we recommend a high quality cooling unit for your processor and several fans that will bring cooler air into the machine and push warmer air out.

Aesthetics and tidying up!

Once everything is assembled, it can seem like a bit of a confusing mess! But do not worry, we can organise your custom build so that your components are easily visible and accessible for cleaning.

Also, do not hesitate to request a particular theme for your custom built computers! From fans lit with bright lights to clear case panels for a futuristic look, there are plenty of options to choose from!


Order your custom built computers today!

Your custom built computers need places to store saved documents, programs and applications. You will likely have noticed that hard drives are sold with different capacities, but another important consideration is the type of memory your custom built computers have.

Hard disk drives are less expensive and generally adequate for most tasks. But if you want a truly responsive computer, it is highly recommended that you purchase a faster solid state drive for a truly hassle free experience.

The power supply unit

Now that you have all the basic information you need to begin putting together a custom specification, why not give us a call or send us an email? We can discuss your ideas and begin to put together an order for your new custom built computers. When you order from us, you can be certain that we will help you build the perfect computer for your home or office!

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