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Laptops are one of the marvels of home computing. The kind of computing power that would once have required a bulky desktop computer can now be packed into a sleek form factor that is light, thin, and barely larger than a piece of A4 paper. This kind of convenience does come at a cost, however.

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Unlike a typical desktop computer, laptops are not designed to be repaired or upgraded easily. In some cases, they are not designed to be opened up at all! This isn’t a problem if the laptop is working, but what about when things go wrong?

At Springfield PC Pros, we can provide expert laptop repair Springfield MO, from software issues to a range of hardware problems, as well as upgrades and component replacement where possible. If you’d like to learn more about the range of things laptop repair can cover, keep reading.


Before any attempt at repairing a problem can be undertaken, you first need to know what is causing the problem. We offer comprehensive diagnostics services and can get to the root cause of your laptop’s problems. Accurate diagnostics are essential for a compact, non-serviceable computer like a laptop, since the only real solution without accurate diagnostics is to replace the laptop, which can get very expensive.

Software Issues

From a hardware perspective, laptops are generally very-well built, which leaves software as the most common cause of problems. For something like a Windows-based laptop, the fix for software problems can be anything from simply installing the latest drivers to reinstalling the entire operating system.

Of course, if you are not experienced in laptop repair, knowing what course of action to take is going to be next to impossible. Software issues also encompass things like viruses that, despite your best efforts, have managed to get onto your laptop.

Battery Woes

Battery technology has not come nearly as far as computer technology in the last few decades. While modern batteries are undoubtedly improved, they are still very limited and subject to the same kind of degradation that any other battery faces. If you use your laptop on the go a lot, this can be a problem.

Batteries lose capacity over time and usage, meaning that, while they might still charge and power your laptop fine, the amount of charge they can hold drops. And this process of degradation is made worse by frequent usage, which means, somewhat cruelly, that the people who need the battery the most are the ones who suffer from battery degradation the most.

Fortunately, batteries can be replaced, though finding the right one for your particular model of laptop is not necessarily intuitive. If you are experiencing issues with reduced battery life, we can diagnose the cause of the problem (it could also be down to excessive power usage) and, if need be, source you a replacement battery.


For the most part, laptops are generally not designed to be upgraded. As a rule of thumb, the less expensive a laptop is, the less likely it will be that you can upgrade any part of it. Manufacturers cut the costs of making their budget models by removing anything deemed unnecessary, including things like additional memory slots and removable storage media.

Still, for mid-range laptops-and certainly for premium laptops-there are certain things that can be upgraded. These are often limited to the RAM and hard drive or solid state drive, though some laptops can also have their CPU upgraded.

If you are looking to breath a bit of new life into your laptop, we can certainly cast our experienced eyes over it and let you know what options you have.

Local Laptop Repair Near Me

With over two decades of experience working with IT, Springfield PC Pros is happily serving Springfield, MO. While we are happy to take on laptop repair work from outside of Springfield, we pride ourselves on offering that special touch that can only come from a local business.

We will see to it that your laptop is well-looked after, and that any work is done as promptly as possible and for a good price that you will find hard to beat elsewhere. If you’re experiencing problems with your trusty laptop we are here for you.

In need of a repair? Call (417) 233-1717 | Email Us

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