Custom Computer Builds – What Are The Advantages?

So you need a new computer? While looking around, you’ve come across the term “custom computer builds.” So what are custom computer builds, and what are the benefits? Well that’s what you’ll find out. Springfield PC PROS is a custom computer builder in Springfield, MO.

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What Is A Custom Computer Build?

If you go to a computer shop, you’ll often see a listing of different computer packages. They may classify it into different categories like low tier, mid tier, or high tier. No matter the classification they use, it still operates under the same idea. And, that is when you pay for the computer, the seller already has a predefined set of components.

A custom computer build is different as you get to choose every component of your new computer. Now, there are two major ways of doing a custom-built computer.

You can either order the components and assemble everything by yourself. Or, you can pay a service to have them assemble the parts for you. Unless you are very versed and familiar with computer hardware, it’s always better to hire someone to do the assembling for you.

Advantages Of A Computer Builder Service


One of the significant benefits of tapping the services of a computer builder is convenience. There’s no need for you to spend hours assembling the computer parts by yourself. There’s no need for you to handle the troubleshooting in case the computer is not working, which happens a lot when building a computer.

Building a computer by hand may take a couple of hours at the very least. If your time is valuable, then it’s best that you spend your time on something productive and just tap the services of a computer builder near you.

Save Money

In a lot of cases, big-name computer brands will slap their name on a computer and then jack up the prices. When you look under the hood of such computers, it’s using components that are easily accessible by most consumers. In other words, you’ll be using the same components, and the brand name is the only thing that makes it costlier.

A custom-built computer will have the same performance, but you won’t be paying for the brand name. Ultimately, you’ll be saving money.


Warranty in the computer hardware business comes in many different forms, which makes it a tricky subject. If you buy a packaged computer, then it could be that the warranty becomes void if you open the casing. This becomes problematic if you are planning on upgrading some components since you’ll likely need to open the casing.

If you custom-built a computer, the warranty is on the individual parts. Hence, you don’t have to worry when opening the casing. And yet, just because the warranty is on the components, it doesn’t mean you are clear for potential guarantee-related problems.

There are cases in which components must be handled or installed in a specific way. Or, there are cases in which you need to have it installed by a certified professional. Failing to follow these guidelines may result in the voiding of the warranty. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring a professional service to build the computer for you versus building your own.

An experienced professional will know the procedures or requirements to ensure that the warranty doesn’t get voided.

Better Performance For Your Money

Computers are versatile. However, if you want to get the best bang for your buck, then you need to know how to optimize. For example, if you need a computer to handle basic office needs (e.g., spreadsheets, word processors) and then bought a high-end computer, you just wasted a lot of money. This is because the programs that run basic office needs don’t need high-end specs. Hence, you just bought all that extra power that you won’t be using. In other cases, you could also be optimizing on the wrong component.

For example, you just bought a packaged computer with a good graphics card and decent RAM. However, if you mostly use the computer for Internet browsing, then what you need is more RAM so you can open more internet browser tabs. With a professional computer builder service, you could have discarded the graphics processor and divert the money to buying more RAM.

These are just some of the many optimization examples so you can get the most out of your money. An experienced computer builder should be able to help you when it comes to optimizing your computer for your specific purpose.

Wrapping It All Up

Most people tend to shy away from custom-built computers as it’s true that you will be paying a professional for the extra service. This is just the wrong way of seeing things. The extra service may cost you money, but you will also be getting it back because of the many advantages, such as getting the most bang for your buck and convenience.

Also, you only need to pay the computer builder once, but you get to reap the benefits for months or years to come. So how do you find a good custom computer builder in Springfield, Missouri? Well, there’s the easy way and hard way.

The hard way is doing a search in Google for “custom computer builds Springfield, MO” or “computer builder near me.” From the results, you can then try to filter out the bad ones before finally choosing the right company to do it for you.

The easy way of doing things is to contact us right now. We are a company that has been doing custom-built computers for years. We can help you build the best performing computer that fits your budget and primary purpose.

Interested in a custom built PC? Call (417) 233-1717 | Email Us

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