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Service and Repairs

Pickup - Repair - Deliver

Wont Boot, Thermal Issues, No Power, Failing Hard Drive, and everything in between.

Diagnostics and Repair Service

Turnaround Time:
5-7 business days 
or less…

Starting at $129 (+parts)


Great Reviews

Not trying to brag here but our reviews speak for themselves. Our customers are the entire reason we have a business and we do our best to take care of you like we would want to be taken care of.

Fast Repairs

Most repairs are completed within 72 hours or less. We know being without your computer stinks. You can only do so much on your phone. We try to get you fixed as fast as possible.


Your personal data is private and confidential and will be treated as such.
We do the absolute best to steer clear of any personal data. Rest assured that we completely respect your privacy!


Everybody likes to be kept in the loop on whats going on. Your computer repair is no different. We will keep you up to date on the progress of your repairs via email or text message so that you always know whats going on.

Flat Rate Pricing

It's not cool getting hit with a bill that's bigger than you were expecting. When we quote you a price for repairs, it's all inclusive (+tax).
You know exactly what to expect.
Fair. Upfront. Pricing.

Free Pickup / Delivery

Pickup and Delivery of your
computer is FREE!
($25 deposit required for pickups.)
We also have a convenient drop off location in downtown at Springfield iPhone Repair

how we can help you

Pickup - Repair - Deliver

Speed Upgrades

Things feel like they TAKE FOREVER?
Supercharge your Laptop!
 with a
Solid State Drive!
We replace your Hard Drive with a super fast SSD. Then we clone your old drive to the super fast SSD, exactly like you see in the movies, just without all the suspense. 

This will drastically improve the performance of your laptop, especially on older hardware.

Ask about our SSD Upgrade Specials

Power Problems

Power supplies fail

Charging Port Repair

Maybe you have to jiggle the cord just right or prop it up somehow.
Someone tripped over the cord…
Sometimes it’s just rough handling.

Either way, we can repair the damage and have you back up and running.
Repairs start at $99

Did we mention our service includes

Free Pickup and Delivery

We collect a $25 deposit at the time of pickup and the deposit is applied as a credit on your invoice.

Locations outside of the general Springfield Metropolitan area will incur an additional service charge to compensate for drive time.

Crashes 'n' Errors

When your laptop is giving you fits and you’re ready to throw it out the window.
That’s where we come in.
We can fix problems that range from the laptop not booting, error messages, crashing, or any other craziness Windows can throw at you.
Give us 72 hours or less and we’ll have your laptop running like new again!

Virus Removal

All it takes is a couple of clicks and BAM…you’re infected with something nasty.
We have the knowledge and expertise to clean out the infections without losing any of your data or programs (Ransomware excluded). 

When we’re done, you can get right back to doing all the important things you need to do. 

Cleanup and Maintenance

Your laptop is like a car, it needs maintenance to run smoothly. With everyday use Windows  will become bloated with chunks of old junk which will slow down your computer.
We can cleanup your laptop and have it running at peak performance in no time at all. We will also optimize your computer for the best overall performance. We will also make sure you have the latest Windows updates, security patches and device drivers.